Hello, World!

2 min read

Welcome to this blog! I could dive right into a technical article, but I believe an introduction is in order. This is a "Hello, World!" after all!

Should I present myself? I can tell you that I am a French software engineer, but a detailed description is irrelevant for the first post. I think the content should speak for itself, regardless of its messenger.

Should I make a list of subjects? All I can say for sure is that this blog will contain a fair amount of computer science and technology articles, but I am passionate about learning and I am interested in a lot of topics.

Maybe a suitable introduction for any project is to define its goal. What do I want to achieve with this website?

The core of the Feynman technique is to teach what you have learned to identify knowledge gaps and improve your understanding. I view this blog as the written form of this technique, as a tool to study more deeply, and as a source of motivation.

Learning is exciting, but the reward comes from applying and sharing the acquired knowledge. While side projects are an implementation of an idea, an article explains it, and teaches how to put it into practice. The blog will keep track of the topics I have explored, and I hope it will help and inspire other learners.

Communication is at the core of teaching, and as a non-native English speaker, I want to learn how to write efficiently, with a clear and concise style. I think the only way to improve this skill is through practice. To this end, blogging seems to be a good exercise.

Finally, there is the pleasant freedom of owning a little part of the internet, built exactly as I want, and accessible to anyone. I hope you will come along with me on this journey.